The Silent Salesman

For almost all products, packaging is the first point of contact between the product and the end consumer. Packaging serves a number of functions and some would argue that primary packaging can be part of the product or a product extension. Toothpaste as a key example would be a very different offering without a tube.

With this in mind, it’s really important to give your packaging a chance. Packaging as a ‘silent salesman’ not only can help communicate the benefits of the product, it can also help the customer with product usage, it can improve the interactive experience through which your customer travels and help to target your product towards certain types of consumer.

When presenting your company to a prospective audience, it is important to consider your message and key principles. It is equally important, therefore, to ensure that your packaging decisions fall in to line with these messages. For example, a company who has a focus on green credentials, should in turn use ethically sourced packaging materials.

As a key link to your audience, all packaging design should be considered in a way that communicates your important messages in a clear and intelligent way.

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