Kanye West Album Packaging

Kanye West’s new album is set to be the highest performing ‘download only’ album yet, though it seems it hasn’t been without difficulty, having stated that he’d never release on apple iTunes, it appeared 6 weeks later.

“the Yeezus album packaging was an open casket to CDs r.i.p” – Kanye West March 8th Via Twitter

I personally like CD albums and the packaging design is just one reason. And it appears I’m not alone; a shared rebellion against digital media has led to recent growth in Vinyl sales. Even cassettes are making an unlikely (and probably not long lasting) come back. (it’s worth noting that the vinyl growth, while faster than in over a decade, seems to be gift and fan purchase led as it’s reported that less than 20% of new vinyl records are ever played). But still, it gives me a bit of comfort to know that the world of media packaging is extant.

Audio artwork has always been a fascination for me – primarily because the nature of music means that artwork needs to be original while reflecting a range of common emotions and messages along with a recognition of the artist.

Now admittedly I’m not exactly his target audience, but I am starting to wonder whether Kanye West’s album artwork is reflective of his grip on reality. Or perhaps it’s a reflection of the modern need to create controversy or shock in order to cut through the noise of mass media.

The college Drop Out – Feb 2004

Late Registration – Aug 2005

Graduation – Sept 2007

808s and Heartbreak – Nov 2008

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Nov 2010

Watch The Throne – Aug 2011

Yeezus – June 2013

The Life of Pablo  – Feb 2016


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