How to create a simple valentines origami heart.

This valentines, we thought we’d show you how to create a simple yet effective origami valentines heart which can be used as a decoration or inserted into your gift packaging or to contain a personal message.

A thoughtful but simple gesture…

Step One

Take a piece of A4 paper – gift wrapping works well, but can be any nice material or coloured paper.


Step Two

Fold the top 2 corners down diagonally to create a cross shape.


Step Three

Bring the top down with the centre of the cross making a point, by tucking the sides in and folding flat with your fingers to make a triangle.

Step Four

With the triangle facing upwards, bring the front flaps forward and up to make a diamond shape.

Step Five

Fold the sides inwards so that they meet in the middle.

Step Six

Turn the part over and fold the bottom upwards to meet the bottom of the triangle.

Step Seven

Fold the front half of the triangle over the bottom flap.

Step Eight

Fold the bottom left and right corners upwards and tuck between the flaps in the triangle you just folded down.

Step Nine

Finally, fold the remaining top two triangles downwards at an angle to make the top of the heart. The tips of these last triangles can be tucked under the flap of the middle triangle.

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