How Effective is Environmentally-Friendly Packaging for Your Brand? Top Reasons to Get into it Today

Yes, you probably have a great product, even if you do say so yourself. You’ve already received a lot of great comments about your product’s quality, efficiency, and so on. But at the end of the day, no matter how brilliant your product is, there’s still something to be said about how it is packaged. The right packaging is crucial if you really want your product to stand out. So how do you achieve this? One of your best options is to go for environmentally-friendly packaging. Now the big question is, why should you do it, and how effective is environmentally-friendly packaging for your brand? Here are some top reasons to get into it today.

Obviously, for the good of the environment

If you don’t already know, environmentally-friendly packaging is, as its name implies, simply better for the environment overall. Ecologically-friendly packaging is often comprised of materials which are recycled, which results in a reduction of the use of natural resources. Furthermore, if you opt for environmentally-friendly packaging, the process of manufacturing itself is usually more practical and efficient, thus reducing the use of natural resources even further. The materials used are naturally bio-degradable as well, and there is also the trend of using plant-based chemicals, such as ink made from soy, which has a lower level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are substances that can cause environmental harm.

Enhanced versatility

Contrary to what some people may think, environmentally-friendly packaging is actually amazingly versatile, which means that it can be used for virtually any kind of product you can imagine. It’s often used for food items such as cakes and pastries, meat, vegetables, and non-food items such as cosmetics and even electronic gadgets and other devices.

Easier to throw away

Apart from having a lower impact on the environment, environmentally-friendly packaging tends to be easier to throw away or dispose of as well. This is because, simply put, it can easily be recycled or composted. If you have customers who have provisions for composting, this means that they can just put it in the facility and the packaging can be used again as plant fertiliser. Even if your customers don’t have composting provisions, they can just as easily bury the packaging in their gardens with the sure knowledge that it will be able to biodegrade over time.

Say goodbye to plastic

We all know how harmful plastic can be to our animals, especially to the animals of the sea. If you opt for traditional films or clamshell type packaging, this is bound to contain a quantity of plastic that has been proven to contribute to environmental degradation as well as global warming. What’s more, producing plastics (using petrochemicals) requires a huge amount of energy, and this energy is, more often than not, non-sustainable. Besides, doesn’t it feel good to know that you’re doing your own bit when it comes to keeping the environment as it is, and making sure animals and other life forms are safe from the dangerous effects of plastics?

At the end of the day, environmentally-friendly packaging is, indeed, the way to go if you want your brand to be noticed, if you want your image to be enhanced, and if you want to do your part in protecting our precious natural resources.

image courtesy of Lacey Williams on Unsplash


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