Some Essential Trends in Summer Packaging You Should Know

When it’s in vogue, it’s popular – when it’s popular, you have to take advantage of it and sell it as much as you can. This goes for all sorts of things, but most of all for clothing, for movies, for food, for everything else. Most people don’t realise it, but it goes for packaging trends as well. Like everything else, packaging undergoes changes throughout the year, and it should actually be adjusted according to the likes of the consumer and the trends of the time or season. Have you wondered how you should prepare the perfect packaging for the summer to come? Here are some essential trends in summer packaging you should know about.

Changes in colours

When talking about design, colours should always be mentioned first. They are, after all, that which catches the eye first. The current trend for this summer is filled with earth and nature tones. Think, for example, about colours such as hazelnut, green, kale, and Niagara. Brighter colours such as yellow or orange are reduced to primrose yellow and flame. Add to this mix pale dogwood, island paradise, pink yarrow and lapis blue, and you get the picture. It’s about retreat as well as soft blending.

Going bold

Just because the colours are more subdued for this summer doesn’t mean you can’t make some bold statements – on the contrary. Blending and contrasting those hues in the right way allows for some profound summer messaging to go around. Picture, for example, a soft orange background with a splash of yellow (summer sunset) and azure green or blue as your main eye-catcher. It immediately invokes the image of tropical islands and hot summer fun.

Popular patterns

It’s not just the colour mix that has taken its inspiration from nature; design patterns for backgrounds are also taken from the natural environment all around us. Large leaves, such as those that can be seen from banana, palm, or plantain trees, as well as spiky large leaves of coconut trees or similar patterns are in vogue. Summer blossoms or pink and intricate leaf patterns of soft orange are also a great hit nowadays.

Going minimalistic

Symbols are at the forefront this summer – nobody needs any complicated logos, and people seem to abhor graphics that are hard to understand. The simple circle is back, as is the rounded square or the infinity symbol. It’s all about smoothness, curvature, and simplicity.

Simple illustrations

Don’t bother with detail – the hand-drawn craft is back. Keeping it simple and retro is the message.

When it comes to colouring, you have to put your mind into the frame of nature. Of course, bold contrasts are important if you want to make a point. This trend is not just limited to colours, however – the patterns that are getting more and more popular are based on natural blueprints as well. If you’re looking for a long-term packaging arrangement, then it’s always safe to stay on the classical and the tested and proven methods; but if you want to make an impact this summer, then adjust, and adjust quickly. Be wise – give your consumer what they want, and the rewards will certainly come.

Photo by Toa Heftiba

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