Some Brilliant ideas for Re-Using your Food and Beverage Containers in and around your Home

Most of us do our grocery shopping at least once a week, and we buy a lot of food and beverage items. And the food and beverage as well as household items we buy most often come with their own containers. The result? We end up with a lot of containers, most of which we just throw away and relegate to the landfill.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you want to be a more efficient home-maker and would also like to do your bit for the environment, there are different ways to make use of the packaging containers you purchase from the supermarket and from shops. Do you want to save money as well as be more environmentally-conscious and efficient in your home? Here are some brilliant ideas for re-using your food and beverage containers in and around the home.

Yoghurt containers

Yoghurt may well be one of the most popular food items in any grocery shop. But the problem with yoghurt is that it comes in small, compact containers which we just end up throwing away. If your household consumes a lot of yoghurt, there is a way to make use of those plastic containers. One option would be to use the containers as actual measuring cups when you cook or bake. If you have a standard yoghurt container, that’s 8 ounces. Fill it up, and it amounts to a cup – a cup of flour, for instance, or a cup of water. If you have a quart, this is equal to around 4 cups. Smaller, 4-ounce yoghurt cups are equivalent to half a cup, whilst 6-ounce yoghurt containers are equal to ¾ of a cup. One more tip: you can also use yoghurt containers for plant seedlings. Rather than buying a small pot just for seedlings, simply make use of yoghurt containers!

Jars of baby food

Another creative way to deal with food items would be to make use of them as containers for spices. This is something that you can do with jars of baby food, which are often small. Instead of spending money for an expensive spice rack, why not just put your spices in your collection of baby food jars? This will retain the spices’ freshness, and you can even re-paint the jars and label them attractively to display the name of the spice inside the jar.

Jam, mayonnaise, or peanut butter jars

Most households have an array of spreads and condiments such as jam, mayonnaise, peanut butter, and more. Throw in your pickle jars, mustard jars, and other condiment jars and you really do have a huge selection of jars you don’t know what to do with. But one of the best solutions for these jars is to re-use them as vases, dough cutters (for baking biscuits), or as storage for other food items or even for toys. There are indeed plenty of uses for those jars, and they can really come in handy if you’re looking for somewhere to store items such as biscuits, tea, coffee, oats, and even salt and sugar, and small items such as marbles, coins, hair ties, ribbons, nails, and more.

Liquor bottles

Some liquor bottles come in very attractive containers, and these bottled containers can still be useful in your home. How? Simple: use them as containers for drinking water. Just clean them out, strip off their labels, and you have yourself an attractive and unique drinking water container.

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