Why Custom Packaging is Better than off-the-shelf Stock Packaging: What You Need to Know

There are undoubtedly a lot of trends of which you can take advantage in the packaging industry. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now benefit from a range of packaging designs and solutions. There are now advanced machines as well as advanced printing equipment which allow you to design your product’s packaging in the best possible way. The trends in packaging today include (but are not limited to) more innovative fresh food packaging, more environmentally-friendly packaging, flexible packaging, and even edible and micro-packaging as well as packaging which is not only water-soluble, but anti-microbial as well! Indeed, the possibilities are endless if you are looking for the perfect packaging solution for your products.

And with all the choices out there, you can benefit from more affordable custom packaging as well. Whilst pre-made packaging is still available, why settle for it if you can have better-quality and value-for-money custom packaging? Here’s why custom packaging is better than pre-made packaging: what you need to know.

A better product fit

When it comes to custom packaging, you can have packaging made that is an exact fit for whatever product you may have. Custom packaging means you can choose different shapes, sizes, designs, and colours for your product packaging; your choices are not limited by pre-existing designs. This allows for a better product fit, particularly if you have a product that has a unique size, shape, or other qualities that are not standard.

Better recognition for your brand

When your product is placed on a shop’s shelves, you want it to be easily seen and attract attention. But you can only achieve this if your brand is easily recognised with the proper colours and the proper logo. If you settle for pre-made packaging, you won’t have the advantage of choosing your preferred colours, and your logo may not even be incorporated into the packaging at all. If you want instant brand recognition and instant recall (and who doesn’t?), then you’re better off with custom packaging. Additionally, if your brand is instantly recognised, you’re establishing enhanced loyalty for your brand and the product(s) you are offering. Your customers will be more likely to remain loyal to a brand they can recognise and form a connection with.

The best silent salesman for your needs

As you may already know, the term ‘silent salesman’ refers to displays, promotional products, signs, and packaging which are expressly designed to increase your company’s sales and your profits. If you have effective custom packaging, you can have an instant connection with your target market. If you go for custom packaging and you have an energy drink, for instance, you can more easily establish a connection and a bond with your target market if you display an image such as a fit person with an active lifestyle on the label. The same is true if you are offering environmentally-friendly packaging to shoppers who are concerned about the environment. A connection is easier to establish if you have the right packaging.

Custom packaging equals better perceived value

If you opt for generic, run-of-the-mill pre-made packaging, your product will not only not get noticed – it may also give your customers the impression that your product is not as useful or valuable to them. Generic packaging can put some customers off purchasing your product just because it gives them the feeling that not enough attention was given to the packaging – which may add to their impression that the product inside the packaging may not be as good either.


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