NHS Face Shields for Covid-19 3D Printed Design

Doing our bit to help ‘Shield’ the NHS

In a time of crisis, it is up to those with the necessary resources to provide aid to the cause. We are among those who have stepped up to this challenge to support our NHS.
Utilizing our 3D printer software, we have joined others across the UK in providing face shields to protect those on the front-line fighting Covid-19.
These face shields have been developed by Prusa Printers in the Czech Republic and although they are yet to be officially approved by UK Government, they have been verified by the Czech Ministry of Health and over 365 orders have been placed so far in the UK alone, for 110,000 masks.

Here is our second batch off for sterilization!

Another donation in our efforts to support the NHS.

We are a small cog in a big wheel on this project, in the mix with universities such as Sheffield University and large-scale companies like 3P Innovation and SolidPrint3D, all banding together to support the NHS as collective.

If you have a 3D printer and would like to know how you can help, we have provided links below to company websites that have created handy sign-up forms with guidelines to show if you are eligible:


More information and sign-up links from SolidPrint3D:


Eligibility information and sign-up form from 3P Innovation:


More information and sign-up form from Sheffield University:


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