Learning at work week – things we’ve learned while designing packaging from home

Designing Packaging from Home Working from home tips

This week in the UK is “Learning at Work Week”.. And this got us thinking, there is a LOT we have learned in recent months from the current pandemic and designing packaging from home.

Staying connected:

It will come as no surprise that the internet has played a major part in the survival of most businesses in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. It runs deeper than this though. Designing packaging without our cloud infrastructure and remote file management processes would have been impossible. While not without challenges, we have managed to remain productive while staying safe. Similarly, utilizing video-conference platforms has enabled us to keep a fast and clear line of communication with our clients and internal team members alike.

An open focus on communication: 

We have found honesty to be the best policy in this case! Making sure both our suppliers and customers are well informed of any problems or changes has ensured a strong level of trust, as well as the efficiency required to come up with solutions that have all parties in mind. The need for communication to be clear and concise has also been more relevant than ever, as working remotely poses the challenge of being less able to rely on body language that would usually aid in “reading between the lines” in face-to-face meetings.

Adapting to an altered supply and demand: 

As a business that supplies to multiple industries, we have been able to act quickly to the changes in consumer demands. Reaching out to markets that are busier than ever, such as supermarkets and e-commerce businesses, has not only given us a continued workload, but has enabled us to expand our skills and contacts!  Adapting our voice to suit new consumer needs has also played a key role in this.

Staying Positive: 

Although the pandemic has caused monumental damage to our livelihoods and the economy across the globe, trying to stay positive has helped us to focus on the tasks at hand and keep up productivity. By focusing on what positive lessons we can learn from this troubling time, we can continue to adapt and plan for a better future for our business and the world!

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