A Sales Manager’s Guide to Lockdown

Packaging is an industry which never sleeps, but many have had to re-adjust their strategy to make changes – Here’s our (light-hearted) step-by-step summary of our observations over the last few months…

Step 1: Don’t Panic

“Corona virus won’t affect us.”

It’s easy to think (as we did) that everything will pass & that the media have over-sensationalised it all.

Step 2: Panic

“This will hit the UK?!”

The scale of the issue starts to kick in and we are all taken by surprise.

Step 3: Choose your outfit (strategy)

“Time to react!” We start to look at our strategy options..
a.) Abandon Ship: We’re going to need scuba gear, could be under for a while.
b.) Batten Down the Hatches: Luckily we have some reserves, close the doors & wrap up warm.
c.) Full Steam Ahead:
We’re on the front of the ship in a heavy rain coat. No stopping

Step Four: Navigation

“Plans out of the window, Forecasts in the bin!”

Time for a new market, or maybe a new product? (face masks anyone?) Or do we keep existing lines going? Maybe a bit of both?
New uncharted territory with fewer staff leads to extra pressure for those left. (Is there a release valve?!)

Step Five: all change? Time to Panic Again!

“Predictions are changing daily!”

Revenue down and teams busier than usual. Lower working efficiency leads to more worries. (browsing corona stats from your sofa?)
Choosing where to focus the workload continues to be a challenge.

Step Six: A new normal?

“What will our future look like?”

Successful businesses adapt quickly. How do you maintain your pipeline & keep costs down?

Any of the strategies above sound familiar?
Share your comments below…

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