Bad Packaging: Fails We Can’t Help But Laugh At

Packaging is all around us today, so most of us have witnessed “bad packaging” in some form or another.
From questionable design choices to downright false advertising, we’ve put together a few of our favourite examples of truly awful packaging… Enjoy!

Oops… Wrong Product!

Peach Bolognese anyone? No?
How about soup with a fork?

“Say NO to Plastic”… Oh Wait

The term “falling at the last hurdle” springs to mind.

Questionable Placement Choice

We sure hope no babies were harmed in the making of this packaging.

Fake News!

Ah! Two packaging fail classics: overpackaging and misleading artwork.

You Might Want to Check That Wording…

From translation errors to the complete lack of ability to spell, there’s a lot going on here and we have so many questions.

Font Choice is also Important

Bored of scrolling through fonts? Ready to just choose any of them to get it done? You’ll probably think twice about that now.

Oh and don’t forget the placement too…

We can never emphasise enough the importance of sense-checking!

A New Perspective?

Confused? You’re not alone.

Even just a difference in colour for these two would have helped…

This is probably more dangerous than it is funny to be totally honest.

Oh the Irony!

“Stop struggling!”.. After one last ULTIMATE struggle.

You never know, he could have really hairy shoulders.

Not-So-Discreet Deliveries

Mortified level 9,897,546,643

And Finally, The ones that We Can’t be Certain Weren’t on Purpose

As well as for our entertainment, a key takeaway from these examples is to remember that every stage of the packaging process is important if you want to do right by your product… And it never hurts to double sense check!

Got some “bad packaging” examples you’d like to share? We’d love to see them! Leave a comment below or pop us a message on our social feeds.

Alternatively, are you struggling with a packaging project? Whatever stage you’re at, be it initial design or finishing touches, a 5 minute chat with us could mend your headache!

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