A Quick and Simple way to Brand your Packaging

The importance of Branding

As a packaging agency, we’re no stranger to the importance of branding. Logos and colours are often the first and most memorable aspects of a design we notice when we receive enquiries.

As a supplier to a wide range of business types and sizes, we’re also aware that a budget won’t always allow for fancy prints and finishes.

Enter the humble sticker!

Stickers are a great way to enhance standard “off the shelf” packaging. They can also add a low-budget branding solution to a range of boxes to streamline them as a collection.

Tips for adding stickers to your packaging

Contrasting Colours: Really want to make your sticker stand out? Think about contrasting your sticker colour to the box colour. Or, choose a box colour that will compliment your logo colours.

Sticker Material: Not sure what material to use for your sticker? We suggest starting with it’s end-use. For example, if your box is to be posted through a mail box, it may need a strong adhesive and coated surface to survive courier handling.

Sticker Design: Another aspect to think of is how the design of the sticker will compliment the use of the box. For example, if your boxes are to be packed and sent by hand in small quantities, you may want to leave space for a hand-written address or note.

Sticker Placement: Where you choose to put your sticker on the box will also have an impact on the unboxing experience for its end user. How the box will be opened and where you want the eye to focus when it’s in-hand, are both key indicators of the best placement for your sticker.

Supplier Spotlight: StickerMarket

We’ve recently purchased our own branded stickers from Sticker Market. We find these most beneficial when sending out samples, particularly to new customers whom we want to make a positive lasting impression on.

Sticker Market have a wide variety of sticker products, ranging in materials from standard paper to vinyl, metallic and even holographic. With MOQ’s starting from 10 units, they’re a great solution for testing the effectiveness of your sticker design without committing to a high volume order. A helpful Artwork Guide in the order process on their website also makes for a headache-free experience!

Are you looking for help with designing stickers? Our team of experienced graphic designers are happy to help! Get in touch today via email; [email protected] or call us on 01527 313040.
You can also browse our variety of packaging services here.
Already got your design and looking to purchase stickers? Head over to Sticker Market to check out their range, or request a sample pack here.

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