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Creative Packaging & Graphic Design

Great packaging design is about communication. While it is important that we understand your requirements, and that we communicate our ideas effectively, the ultimate goal is for your product to convey a message to the consumer.

A message in a bottle (or box, or bag)

Whether you’re trying to communicate the product features or your company’s green credentials, the materials shape and artwork should all work together to enhance the message. With our years of experience and technical knowledge, we’ll help guide you through the latest packaging innovations to ensure that the design can not only look great, but the final packaging can be produced in a cost effective and efficient way.




The 39 Steps

As with all creative adventures, the stages can be few or many depending on both the information available at the start, and the final result required. Communicating an idea is a subjective process that may take many iterations or forms. Working with designers can be a frustrating and costly process, so we’ve designed our steps to ensure that you are travelling down to a sensible conclusion rather than chasing an elusive ‘idea’ which is impossible to create in the real world.


3 to 9 steps

Every job is different  – which is why we love packaging design so much. But the following design stages help us to tackle a complex challenge in a coherent way so that you can see the results as we progress through your project:

  1. Coming up with the idea
    • Investigation; research and discovery stage.
    • Identification; agreement of the final message or key requirements.
    • Initial ideas; We will usually provide samples, examples and sketches at this stage.
  2. Develop the design
    • Shape and materials; Development of the ideas with production solutions investigated.
    • Design Development; Refine the graphic elements, print and finishing effects required.
    • Product Testing; With test samples we’d check that the product performs as required.
  3. The solution
    • Test marketing; Close to completion – now it’s time to check it works.
    • Final Files; Modifications made, then we’ll supply all you need for production.
    • Monitoring; We don’t just drop you here, we’ll support you through the process to ensure that production problems have solutions and that you are happy the design performs as it should.

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