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Prototyping, Samples and 3D Visuals

If you have a great product packaging idea it’s important that it looks good in real life. A design can be beautiful on a pdf, but until you’ve seen the finished product, it can be difficult to imagine how it will really look. When you’re viewing a standard printed proof or a pdf on screen, it can be difficult to imagine how your packaging will look on the correct materials or with the hot foil effect added for example.

This is where our prototyping and 3D visuals can help. Our services are designed to accurately represent the final product – so if you have an existing design you want to test or need some samples to send to a prospective retailer get in touch here

As well as plain samples in the correct material, we can also produce specially printed digital prototypes including embossing, hot foiling and special print effects to accurately represent the final product.

Why spend thousands of pounds running a print trial, when we can create prototypes using the correct artwork and materials to ensure that you can be confident in how the final product will look.

An example workflow might be as follows:

  1. Plain samples on the correct materials to test the product fits correctly and the material is the correct grade and performs as expected.
  2. 3D Visuals to check the look of the artwork and try out a few different print finishes and effects.
  3. Prototype samples to take for test marketing and for your sales team.
  4. We can supply CAD files and artwork that are ready to send to your packaging manufacturer to minimise the risk of confusion and error during production.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch…

Plain samples don’t have to be plain – we have a catalogue of common materials, colours and finishes in-stock, and can get most popular grades within 24 hours. Whether it’s a design we have created for you from scratch or a design you have had previously prepared, we can provide packaging samples quickly and affordably.…


Packaging is physical in it’s nature so a tangible, fully-printed prototype is the only way to get a true representation of the finished product without going through the full cost of printing. We can replicate most print finishes and effects using our in-house equipment at a fraction of the cost of wet-proofing. Whether it’s hot foil,…


Sometimes the budget or time-scale doesn’t allow for printed prototypes. In these situations, we can also produce accurate 3D visuals using our suite of specialist CAD software and techniques to create a representation of your packaging idea on screen and showing different print effects.   In combination with the CAD software, we use your print…