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Structural 2D & 3D CAD Design

It could be argued that the most important thing about packaging is what goes in it. When thinking about your packaging, there are a number of things to consider from the shape, the destination, the opening and how it is to interact with the end user.

Using the latest in CAD software we can design in 2D or 3D to create a product extension which works in tandem with both your company vision and the way you expect your product to be received.

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It’s all in the detail

Whether you’re looking for an innovative shape to differentiate from your customers, or you need a sturdy design for direct mail shipping, sometimes the little details like grain direction or half of 1mm clearance can make a huge difference in the way your packaging performs.

At every step of the way, we’ll help you to create a great product that is both aesthetically pleasing but also supports your product and company message.